tractorbeamlogo_300x288Tractor Beam is a band of Boise veteran musicians out to have some fun. Our sound is the result of multiple musical influences. Tractor Beam’s music is Idaho roots rock, cosmic country blues and blur grass. Run it all through a blender and serve it up with Thai chili paste.
Having played supporting roles in Boise’s music scene over the years in several bands, the boys have come together with a common mission to play original music (and rare covers of songs they love) in any available alternative venues outside of the regular bar band grind.


mikeyoungMike Young is a Boise singer songwriter, guitar and mandolin ace. Mike was an original member of the ground breaking Idaho roots country-rock band Spur Tango. Heavily influenced by rhythm and blues, Mike is equally at home playing bluegrass mandolin or rock-a-billy electric guitar. Mike has been writing original songs for over twenty years and provides all the original songs, performed by Tractor Beam. The band just finished recording an album of Mike’s songs, “All the Time,” at the Boise recording studio, Cunningham Audio, with Mike and Don Cunningham doing the mixing and production.


tomeatonOne of Mike’s primary musical cohorts over the years has been bass player Tom Eaton. Together Tom and Mike have played with Spur Tango, The Toasters, Usual Suspects, and Garden City Limits. Tom’s unique musical vision and creativity provides a solid foundation for Mike’s songs and Tractor Beam’s music.



patreidPat Reid’s drums and percussion are groove and drive behind Tractor Beam’s sound. Pat is another long time musical friend and cohort with a musical resume intertwined with those of Mike and Tom. Good drummers are in great demand and Pat’s talents are also called upon with the Boise band The Blues Addicts and the Like Its.



kentbeckmanThe most recent addition to this group of musical friends is Kent Beckman on baritone sax. Kent’s spontaneous energy and enthusiasm for musical adventure has added a lyrical and and contagious source of energy to Tractor Beam. His baritone brings melodic depth and texture to Mike’s songs and the band’s sound.


Friday April 27th, 2018 Sockeye Grill 3019 N. Cole Rd. 7 to 10 PM

Spring is busting out after a somewhat late arriving winter. Tractor Beam is ready to bust out some bloomin’ tunes as we’ve been working toward completing the new record.

Sockeye Grill


Friday November 17, 2017 Sockeye Grill 3019 N. Cole Rd. 7 to 10 PM

We’re bringing a bit of pre-Thanksgiving gratitude for this show for all our friends.


Friday September 29, 2017 Sockeye Grill 3019 N. Cole Rd. 7 to 10 PM

Ease into Fall with Tractor Beam at Sockeye Grill. The air has cleared and we will supply the smoke and heat for this season changing show! Come join the band.


Friday August 11, 2017 Sockeye Grill 3019 N. Cole Rd. 7 to 10 PM

Come chill and kick back to some live Tractor Beam on the Sockeye patio! Celebrate another  great summer weekend’s arrival!


Friday June 23rd Sockeye Grill 3019 N. Cole Rd. 7 to 10 PM, 2017

Come join us for fun, food and music at another one of Boise’s greatest patio bar and grills. Make it a happier Friday!


Sunday June 18, 2017 Sandbar Patio Bar and Grill 2 to 5 PM, 2900 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City

Bring Dad down for our Father’s Day Celebration Show at one of Boise’s best patio bar and grills. All right near the Boise River and Greenbelt.



Saturday April 1st County Line Brewing  9115 W Chinden Blvd #107

Come celebrate County Line Brewing’s 2nd Anniversary and April Fool’s day with some Tractor Beam music. County Line Brewing is located in Garden City, ID near the corner of Maple Grove and Chinden.  “Cheers to Two Years!”  Music time will be shared.




Friday February 3, 2017, 7 to 10 pm Sockeye Grill 3019 N. Cole Rd.

Warm up the winter with early, early springtime vibes from Tractor Beam and friends!



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In Boise? Our CD “All the Time” is available at The Record Exchange, 1105 West Idaho St.

Online: Get “All the Time” at cdbaby.com.